"Currently dating the former President of Phi Kappa Psi now I just need to convince him into lavaliering me before we graduate. #sororitygirlgoals #tradition"

"Finally think I found a frat boy who isn't obsessed with being a stereotypical frat boy. #classy #ΘΧ #MARRYME"

"It's funny how everyone claims sisterhood is so strong, but the moment one of our "sisters" does something unsavory, she is basically exiled"

"My big and I were drunk one night so we experimented #Kindalikedit"

"I've never even heard of Sigma Sigma Sigma tbh"

"I want to join this sorority solely for the purpose of being known as hot and slutty. #trislut"

"To the Delta that's ashamed of her sorority: please don't be. I would give anything to be a Delta."

"My favorite hobby is eating."