Pi Beta Phi

"Making out with your big to get a raise out of your favorite frat."

"Ever since I got a boyfriend who hates frat life, I haven't been able to hang out with my SAE gentlemen. I miss them...

"I've been trying to convince my GDI to go Greek because I just want to be lavaliered.. "

"I can outdrink half the fraternity brothers on campus. Get at me."

"I'd take a GDI over a frat boy any day, at least GDI's show you some respect."

"I adore my big and I wanted to adore my little. But she's a shallow, fake b*itch"

"I've cheated on my Sig Ep boyfriend with at least 14 Lambda Chi's."

"Joining a sorority was the best thing. Best friends, best sex life, and best four years of my life. Go Greek ya'll"

"I've been talking to this guy I really like for a while now, but his dick is so small that I legitimately might have...

"Forever wishing I didn't just settle for Pi Phi #wishiwasadelta"