“Trading alcohol in exchange for getting my study hours signed off”


“Getting my MRS and engineering degree in the same four years”


“Our pledges don’t respect us because we don’t haze them. #lesbihonest”


“It really pisses me off when people talk shit about us. We’re fucking fabulous.”


“The only time my big ever talks to me is to bitch about how we never talk.”


“Once you date a fratstar you never go back. Trust me.”


“A sister thought I stole her glitter, I laughed and then a shit storm started in our sorority… OVER GLITTER.”


“I’ve always been so much closer to my great grandbig… I wish I could call her big instead.”


“My friends judge me because I’m still a virgin. Sorry some of us have values in life?”


“I don’t remember the last time I had sex sober.”