“Went from dating a Sig Ep to dating a Theta Chi….best decision of my life!”


“I dated a PSK and that made me realize frat boys are not boyfriend material. #PSKNotAllDay”


“I slept with a ΔΚΕ and it was the best decision of my life”


“Forcing your new members to follow @sratfession”


“He felt guilty enough to tell me mid-sex that he has a Phi Mu gf. Not guilty enough to stop though.”


“My parents have never paid my dues.”


“Number one sorority in the world, number one sorority on Sratfession.”


“Got my eye on this Kappa Sig… and I always get what I want.”


“My body count has doubled since I came to college. I have been here for one semester.”


“Got in my first verbal fight, with a Pi Phi, safe to say i won. #ThetasDoItBest”