Delta Gamma

"My ex slept with another girl right after we broke up, so I slept with his pledge and got free Chik-Fil-A."

"The one person I absolutely did not want to be my now my big. Wonderful."

"I had sex with a Beta and accidentally started to like him. To bad he doesn't care about me."

"I definitely go down faster than an anchor ;) "

"I've had 2 different 3-somes with boys from TKE. And I don't regret it."

"SAEs have the biggest dicks, but they're also the biggest dicks"

"Black out or back out, bitches."

"We are living proof that it is possible to be sexy and classy and have fun all at the same time #anchorsaway"

"At least we're classy enough to keep our sluttish behavior a secret"

"Only need to sleep with two more guys to have had sex with every frat on campus."