Chi Omega

"My roommate is mad because I hooked up with a sig ep she's talking to. No one can resist a Chi O"

"My big liked me at she ignores me and doesn't give me her time of day. Like why'd you want me as your...

"Drunkenly made out with a Phi Delt, now I'm going to marry him. Fairy tales do come true."

"Guys only look at me or talk to me when I'm wearing my letters. #theuglysister"

"Just walked in on my sister havin sex and the guy she was with had to be pretty damn close to 10inches #luckybitch"

"Answering a booty call is probably the best sex in the world. #imnotsorry"

"I never tell a dude what sorority I'm in until I fuck them. It's less awkward. Hump and dump."

"Dumped my GDI boyfriend two weeks before he planned on proposing for the president of Sigma Pi #fratstarsdoitbetter"

"My sorority is holding me back."

"A new member told the boy she had a crush on not to sleep with me HA #bestsexever #secretfuckbuddies"