Alpha Chi Omega

"Talk Fratty to me (; "

"telling guys I'm in a sorority while I am studying abroad has literally gotten me so much dick #sorrynotsorry #throwwhatyouknow"

"My parents think I use they money they give me for groceries... I spend it all on alcohol and tacobell at 4am"

"Sleeping with your sorority sisters BFs does not make you cool.. It makes you unclassy"

"Any time my big tells me I'm doing something irritating I always respond with "like big like little""

"Completely head over heels in love with this Sigma Chi... But I'll only ever be his fuck buddy."

"Told one of my sisters id go with her to spring break but I'm breaking that promise to go with another sister...oops"

"I love GDI guys :) "

"I'm a phi delt's secret fuck buddy cause his GDI girlfriend doesn't put out."

"It's tradition for my family tree to sleep with the same family tree in Sig-ep. #unashamed"